Medscripts Inc. and Azalea Health’s mission is to make our technology accessible at all levels, especially where it’s needed most.

Azalea Health’s certified EHR with integrated Practice Management, Telehealth, RCM and billing services is the heart and hub of community and rural health systems and clinics. With Azalea’s easy-to-use, comprehensive clinical and financial solution, you spend less time charting and coding and more time delivering quality care in your community.

Technology-enabled healthcare solutions and managed services are particularly important to ensuring equitable access to quality healthcare in rural settings. Azalea brings deep experience in working with rural providers and organizations, offering specialized rural health consulting and other professional services.

Rural health providers and health systems can tap into Azalea’s experienced team for assistance in obtaining rural health clinic (RHC) certification and compiling policies, regulatory compliance and guidance, implementation of policies and procedures, optimization of in-house workflow, coaching for unique RHC billing procedures and much more.

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