Your EHR Is Not An Analysis Tool

Healthcare organizations are often over-invested in systems of
record, and they misuse them in a failed attempt to drive insight and
engagement. It is that failure that has spurred interest and investment
in new technologies, and healthcare organizations have to purchase
systems of insight and engagement in order to be successful.Healthcare leaders are grappling with a number of challenges:

  • Data challenges are driven by too much data and insufficient
    tools. Respondents reported that their biggest challenges with
    data analytics are high volumes of data and lack of budget to
    implement the tools that they need (see Figure 3). Without purpose-built
    analytics systems, healthcare organizations cannot handle
    the size and scope of data available to them. Our study found that
    while patient and clinical data are analyzed by many healthcare
    organizations, dozens of other data types (such as unstructured,
    population, social, and genomics data) are only used by a small
  • A lack of EHR interoperability leads to patient and clinician
    confusion. In the absence of health record interoperability, EHRs are
    still disparate systems that generally do not interface with each other.
    Patient history, prescription records, billing, and lab results all must
    be manually transferred from system to system, and there are often
    omissions that may contribute to false diagnoses.

 Operational and regulatory restrictions abound. Our study found
that the top three challenges in driving patient engagement include
engaging patients in behavior change and care plan adherence,
operational and implementation challenges for new technology, and
regulatory challenges (see Figure 4). Regulations often slow adoption
of analytics technologies, as well, as most of the available investment
budget is spent on highly structured requirements.1
organizations are more conservative in their technology adoption
when compared with other industries, in part because they are a
strictly regulated industry and must take great care to ensure HIPAA

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