Latest version of Scribe Mobile 2 offers physicians unprecedented freedom to focus on patient care.February 21, 2016 Scribe announces the release of the latest version of Scribe Mobile 2, its Clinical Productivity App for physicians. “This release is a significant enhancement to our offerings and provides even greater freedom for physicians to focus on their patients instead of being tied to their computers and keyboards,” said Mark Boyce, CEO of Scribe.The secure, Cloud-based solution lets physicians create more detailed notes and provide quicker care by being able to search historical documents, notes, images, and videos. These can now be quickly used to document current encounters or to simply and easily have access to patient information anywhere, anytime to provide better care. “The latest version of Scribe Mobile 2 has unique features unavailable in any other mobile application,” explained Etienne Taylor, Scribe CTO. “Our app offers physicians everything they need to care for their patients in the palm of their hand.”Scribe’s solutions are physician-centric. With one login, physicians can combine patient information from hospitals, clinics, surgery centers – wherever they practice. No more wondering which location the information they need is in to care for their patients. “Scribe’s perpetual clinical information archive has over 20 years of patient records for some of our clients,” said Boyce. “We’re constantly asked to import historical information from diverse systems so that physicians have everything they need in one place.”Not only can they view historical information but they can easily review, edit and approve new encounter documentation as it is created. Once approved, information can be broken into its discrete parts and recorded in their EHR with no effort using Scribe Charting. Physicians gain 30-40% in productivity with Scribe Mobile 2 and Scribe Charting. “Now that they can edit information on Scribe Mobile 2 wherever they are, we expect further productivity improvements,” said Taylor.Scribe Mobile 2 is available in the Apple App Store. For more information or to schedule a free trial of Scribe Mobile 2 and Scribe Charting contact or call 877-230-1841

Source: Latest version of Scribe Mobile 2 offers physicians unprecedented freedom to focus on patient care. – Scribe