What’s the fastest way to turn a happy patient into a frustrated one? An unexpected medical bill is the first thing that comes to mind. Inconvenient payment options stand out, too.

Not surprisingly, as patients take on more responsibility for the cost of their healthcare, they also want more transparency from providers on the amounts they’re being charged, and more convenient ways to pay their balances. Here are three trends to look out for at HIMMS17 that reflect these growing patient frustrations:

  1. Balance billing is a major trend affecting our industry right now. As patients and providers continue to become increasingly frustrated with diminishing payer networks, balance billing is one key revenue cycle trend sure to be top of mind at HIMSS17 in Orlando this week.
  2. Analytics and data is another, with practices demanding more insight to improve care delivery…insight they want not just from their clinical data, but from financial and operational data, as well. Gaining actionable insights from each of these data sources will be important as we shift to value-based care programs.

Patient-focused payment solutions is a third trend, and we’ve been hard at work with HIMSS Analytics to better understand what patients and providers think about patient billing and payments. Do they like paper patient statements or e-bills? Do they want to pay online or in the office? What are their preferred payment methods?

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